Tuesday, April 1, 2008



Life Ten Years Ago :

was cheerful,polite and oh-so-chocolaty-nice. I used to be a shy kid,never got into much trouble(apart from the time I wandered off to play football in some distant park,and lost all track of time;oh yes,I got whipped), and I used to be mortally petrified of my mother's glares,hajmola candy commercials,flying insects and late night trips to the bathroom. I used to tug my dad's chest hair while he slept,and laugh my head off;and urge my grandmother to be imaginative and tell me onemorestory(alas,the fairy queen turned into an irresistibly intransigent yawn,and I had to be content with dreary 60 year old snores) . School was (still) a nice place-with pen fight competitions,curious stares at things around me,having to live up to the 'goodboy' image,umbras and penumbras and Napoleon and morally uplifting children's literature and innovative craft lessons-ah, the pointlessness of it all. But the best part was what happened after school,in the bus : Cricket! Pencil boxes and paper balls,the cramped pitch(we couldn't even swing our arms properly in the narrow space),the cheers and the screams,and the frantic jump into our seats when the bus helper(not a pedophile or a garden spade fortunately) found the childishness too overbearingly carcinogenic,and attacked us with conscientious words and armpit fumes. Adventurous,yes.
And music made me happy,and I started singing in school functions,and getting free food packets. And damn,I used to watch cartoons(a generic non-adult trait,so I'm not going to elaborate) . Cheers.

Life Five Years Ago:

used to be a veiled pain-in-the-arse,a swollen farce,a deluded tryst with growing up and letting the innocence turn into conceit and angst,all for the sake of attaining half-hearted commercial pleasure. The headaches contributed to the ignominy (I have a tapeworm in my head;just a speck now,though-for biology enthusiasts,the medical condition's called neurocystisircosis.And for the conscientious lovers and sympathetic aunts,it's much better now,although I guess it did leave me permanently deranged. ) Used to fight with my mum a lot(and I suppose the greatest thing that changes as we grow up is our conception of freedom,from wide-mouthed wonder to spontaneous rebelliousness to drooped-down disillusionment=bleh.),hated cornflakes and crows and cigarettes,felt mentally-out-of-place in school(maybe I should have talked with a few more people,then again,I don't regret),remained silent most of the time,grew fat (the steroids that I had to take didn't help much) and used to be perpetually distracted. (and down went the marks,and down came the motherly scorn)
I guess the only thing that I was sincere about at this point of time was music,and spent hours at end listening to Neil Diamond and Amir Khan records . And at the end of this phase,I started playing football again,wrote my first serious poem (naive and obscure and depressive;the essence doesn't change,does it?) and finally,finally embraced the wonder that is S&G. And days spent with Dikai used to be the happiest days in the year (are you listening,brother?) And had my first crush,confessed it and got sucked into a friendship,which didn't last but which,essentially nurtured my sense of judgment,and in the end,made me so clear-headed and mature,that I just let her go.

Life Tomorrow:

Has to be seized,distilled and realized. (And I'm here to learn,the sadness and the laughter follows.)

Five Locations I would like to Run Away To:

Five,my blogreaders,is not the level where I'd restrict my wander-libido. And I don't need to 'run away',I could just walk.

1) Iceland. (for the snow,for Sigur Ros,for..)
2) Wacken.
3) Um,the British Council?
4) And I can't help but spell out a cliche : A desert island. (with Scarlett Johansson?) Eeks.Mmm. :D :|
5) ...

Five Bad Habits I Have:

My mother claims to sing out a million under a minute,but clearly she's not doing the tag on my behalf. So,here,I hurl at you filthy sharks me naturally obtrusive wrongdoings :

1) I procrastinate. (and in the process,successfully exasperate a fair number of people)
2) So I'm incapable of waking up early,my mother continues to condemn it,and I continue to bask in my insomniac-ness.
3) I spend too much time with myself. (loner?social retard?whatever?)
4) I tend to get highly overbearing and oppressively arrogant to the point of making-the-other-person-eat-his-socks-and-hate-me when my argument's contradicted without enough rational logic.
5) I thoroughly hate number five,and I fail to justify my prejudice.

Five Things I Will Never Wear:

I'll never wear your skin,so don't bother.

Five Biggest Joys at This Moment :

The Air Conditioner.
The pack of Wills Navy Cut in my right trouser pocket.
The mosquito lying dead(read : splatted) beneath my chair.
A chipped toenail.

Something to Achieve By Next Year:

I'll be direct :
Drop out of Techno India,get into JUDE,be happy.

Something that Impacted Me Last Year:


I just say your name,and not mention the many books and songs and people who/which contributed far more than you did for my intellectual and emotional development for you initiated an irrevocable phenomenon inside me that made me realize how much I was going wrong,and opened up such diverse realms for me to dive in and learn from. You stripped me and made me look at myself,baby. Thank You.

What I Will Miss About 2007 :

(And well,I don't think I'll miss her,but I'll keep on feeling a tad remorseful about the way it ended.)

Five Things I Want To Do Before I Die:

So yes,here we go :


I'll die a happy death,hence. Ta-dah.
(And Ship,jkjklkhsd? )

I do not wish to tag anybody. I sound bored. This is not fair. Whee.