Saturday, February 20, 2010

A New Story

She stared at me and I said Hello. I said Hello and she said Go away never come back please stop pestering me. Everyone is looking at us can we go to your room and talk? Go away please please. Just a few minutes just one conversation we still don't know what we want. Please go away. I took her hand and pulled it hard and she stumbled forward and did not resist when I put my lips to her lips. A lifetime of distance and ignorance will not lessen this moment in my memory your memory the memory of the people who are looking at us. It is over go away now? I will stay. You pestering idiot. I pestering idiot. You absolute ass. I absolute ass. Don't play with me. You are playing with me. Shut up. Only if you don't tell me to go away again. You little little what are you doing with me? I am staying with you. I don't love you. So you concede? Stay you idiot. Thank you and you didn't return my greeting remember? What? Hello. Okay hello for the heck of all those who are still looking at us. Let's eat something I feel hungry. Okay. Hello hello hello I feel like pestering you so much. I told you to shut up. Hello hello hello

A New Story

Fingers curled gently touching palm bottom thumb placed over forefinger: a skin telescope. Pretend pretend. Left eye closed and the right eye hurtling through infinite space the right eye slowing down and brushing against bird wing. Right eye riding bird back gliding towards mountaintop in search of nothing. Off back now spiralling through blue white air here there here there. Losing focus focus back the eye moves downwards into pits of history the core of the core of the core of the core. Nothing to see. Up again and down again and nothing to see anymore.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A New Story

Say, there is a character with a silly name, almost graspable hair, yellow fingernails, bruised knees, wearing a blue T-shirt with nothing written on it, and say, this character is a forty year old college professor. Say, we encounter him on a Sunday evening, under a blue moon, sitting in a park, blankly staring into a patch of grass and writing a suicide note inside his head. Here's the interesting bit: This is the first time he is writing one inside his head, the previous ones have been paper-recycled. It is 9-o-clock. Ticktockticktock. A lady in a blue dress enters the park, slightly drunk, humming a song. We don't see her face, however, but we get the feeling something exciting is going to happen. The lady clumsily navigates through the grassy terrain and reaches the bench on which the professor is sitting, and after what seems like a deliberate pause, collapses to the ground. Her head falls onto the professor's lap and the professor instinctively holds it, his right hand cupping the middle of her face and his left hand clutching her long dense hair. He gently puts her head on the grass and lies down next to her. They are looking at the blue moon now and smiling. Say, we leave them there.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Note To Self

Poetry, pah! You pretentious ploop! Get a life.